Drama Express 5 - 8 yrs THURSDAYS

$165 aud
Thu Oct 15, 4:00 PM - Thu Dec 3, 5:00 PM (AEDT)
Chatswood - Dougherty Centre, Victor Street, Chatswood, NSW, Australia  

Drama develops confident, creative young people.

Designed for those who want to get a taste of drama, this after school class is a great introduction to the foundations of theatre ad drama training. Students are introduced to the basics of voice and movement, developing skills for the stage, and confidence to clearly express themselves.

MSTYP’s drama exercises and games are designed to build creative problem solving skills and unlock their inherent creativity. Through Drama students develop a deeper understanding of the world, and of themselves; as well as build foundations for performance.

Class details

TIME 4:00 - 5:00pm
LOCATION The Dougherty Centre - Annexe,
Victor St, Chatswood
AGE 5 – 8 years old (school years K – 3)

This class accepts Creative Kids Vouchers – put the voucher in the enrolment form and reduce the price by $100. (No Active Kids Vouchers accepted.)

Term Modules

Each term this class works on a drama module. A certificate is presented at the end of Term 4, as proof of completion.

Drama Module

The class includes:
• a vocal and physical warm-up.
• vocal exercises in projection, clarity and diction
• movement skills for physical expression
• relaxation, breathing, focus and communication skill building
• stagecraft
• storytelling and performance – creative and problem-solving skills are developed and students learn the basics of how to tell a story on stage.

This class does not develop a performance for the end of the year, however students will be invited to be involved in performance opportunities throughout the year.

What to bring

1) comfortable clothing (including your MSTYP shirt once you have it)
2) pencil and paper
3) towel (for floor exercises)
4) a bottle of water

New Students

This is an excellent class for new students, and those with no experience to join. We encourage joining at the beginning of the term.
Please get in contact if you need more information! We love speaking to new families: 9880 2356 or info@mstyp.org.au


2020 MSTYP shirt for new students - wear it to class!

What about the Coronavirus?

MSTYP is committed to providing the safest environment for students, staff and families. Measures include
• Anyone on site required to adhere to social distancing, including in class
• Increased the cleaning
• All students must wash their hands before and after class and hand sanitiser will be provided
• We are strictly following advice from the government during this time.

Should it be advisable that the classes do not take place face-to-face then we will provide options of:
• an equivalent online course (and refund the difference in cost)
• a swap to classes/workshops later in the year, or
• a refund.

Supervision prior to class

Getting to class early? Waiting for a sibling to finish their Drama Express Class? From 4:00 to 6:00pm we offer supervision for students who arrive early to do quiet activities such as homework or reading. Tutors will be engaged in teaching the prior class, so students there for supervision do need to remain in the room, and be respectful of the class currently running. If students under supervision do disrupt the class, supervision may no longer be offered.

Victoria Nicolls

Teaching Artist
Chatswood - Dougherty Centre, Victor Street, Chatswood, NSW, Australia
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